Jan 15, 2011

The Tabasco's Magic

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This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

30 years living in Indonesia which people like spicy food, I still cannot eat condiment.  Eating tom yum is still ok. But all kinds of condiment ... I could not. Even eating sauce bottle should be mixed together with tomato sauce with a ratio of 1:2 (meaning most of tomatoes).  Suddenly, after living in the United States precisely lately so I like to eat condiment!  Weird enough right? Now, I so love to eat shrimp paste sauce.

Once in Indonesia, my mom likes to make shrimp paste sauce. I always ask for the special sauce which is not hot.  So usually my mom uses a big chili that was not spicy. Well now here I like to eat shrimp in a spicy sauce! Although afterwards I would gasp for breath, but I love it! Fortunately there is a restaurant near my house with great shrimp paste sauce. Even better it is free, just took when you need.

Then again, lately also, I so love TABASCO® Original Red! I only ever once tried Tabasco when I was a kid as a pizza restaurant recently opened in Indonesia. Oh my God… I still remember the taste of Tabasco was really awful. Sour and the hot are so stabbed!  Since then I do not ever want to try Tabasco again.   But somehow, when I am eating in one restaurant, I just want to try to feel Tabasco again! Weird, very weird! Yes, TABASCO® Original Red unlocks or enhances the flavor of food so I can get the best of every bite.

No wonder on every football season and the Super Bowl you could make pizza and TABASCO® Original Red as a game day tradition! Check out the Game-Day Party Menu page for some simple ideas & recipes for food everyone loves!

Here is a sample of recipe you can found on Pizza Perfected:

Salad on pizza is a delicious combination that, unfortunately, when delivered gets wilted and soggy. To keep things fresh, mix Caesar salad dressing with Original TABASCO® Sauce, and toss it with crisp Romaine lettuce. Then top each slice with a healthy-sized serving.  

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