Dec 25, 2009

Deja Love at the Kampong

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couple1 When the first time Qel sent Ellie “request for friend”, Ellie said to herself, “I think I know him from somewhere but I just don’t know where and when”. The thing is that, it’s like she have met him before. Then on the 13th November Nini and Ellie went up north for their vacation, he picked them up and told her that his dad would love to have us staying at their place and so they stayed at his place the day they arrived and that was the first time she met him in person. The first day Ellie was there, that particular moment where Nini and she woke up and they sat outside with baba, fahmi and Qel, suddenly this 20+years old boy who’s mentally challenged she would say came to the house to buy some snacks and drink.. She have seen that moment and she knew he was gonna come again the second time which he did and the whole conversation is so familiar.

Ellie kept telling Nini that she saw that exact moment before, the whole particular moment plus the whole conversation. So Nini told her probably it’s what they called DÉJÀ VU. She tried to just ignore it and let that thought just passed by. Then yesterday, her son Ridhwan asked her, “Umi when can we go to Uncle Qel’s place again?” Ridhwan is a boy who doesn’t easily like a person. What more having to stay at stranger’s place? So is Sarah. And for him to ask that question was absurd. So she asked him if he really like Qel’s place and they both answered at the same time with full of excitement… “YES UMI, We love it..” and Ridhwan continued saying that he doesn’t like staying at places like KL or Subang.

Ellie asked him again if he likes staying at his grandma’s place at Malacca which is also sort of “kampong” and he said NOPE. That really puzzled her because she thought it’s the kampong ambiance that they like. And today he was lying down on her tummy; suddenly he got up and again asked her the same question?

Ellie sat next to him and this time she asked him what exactly made him really want to go back to Qel’s place? His answer really gave her a shock. He said he dreamt of Qel’s house many times before and it’s the exact house. Not just any house but that particular house and he said he felt like he has met Qel before too. On top of that, he said “Uncle Qel is nice and funny”. Wokayyyyy…that’s creepy...MOTHER SON has the same DÉJÀ VU…eeeooouuuucchhh!!!

Whatever it is, Ellie think its Allah’s way of telling her he is the one. Because Ellie have always told Allah that, if He is going to open her heart to any guy, OPEN TO WHOM HE KNOWS BEST FOR HER, otherwise close it permanently.

Ellie guess DEJAVU or NO DEJAVU, she leave it up to the ONE up there. He knows what’s best.