Nov 19, 2009

Monitoring Children’s Online Activities

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NannySoft. All opinions are 100% mine.

Left uncontrolled the Internet can be an extremely dangerous place for a child. Unknowing children are often the target of bad intentioned adults who often try to arrange for physical meetings after gaining the trust of the child online. Children also can accidentally stumble upon adult oriented content including pornography or can intentionally visit these sites in an act of rebellion.

Excessive use of the computer for game playing and such is also a prolific problem amongst children especially teenagers who typically spend hours upon hours on Chat/IM and at social networking sites. Inappropriate and unethical use of computers is also on the rise by children which includes but is not limited to cyber bullying, alcohol and drug abuse and sex.

Traditionally the approach has been to try blocking access to all the potentially harmful content, illicit activities, and bad intentioned adults that a child may come in contact with on the Internet. The problem with those traditional approaches is that they do a poor job of determining what should be prevented and often block content that should be allowed in the first place.

In reaction, parents are becoming more proactive in the monitoring of their children when online to ensure that they are being safe and presenting themselves appropriately to their peers while using the Internet. The NannySoft approach allows the child’s behavior to be monitored affording the parent the opportunity to provide the guidance for what is appropriate. This leading provider of computer monitoring software, offers several consumer products to assist parents in enforcing Internet safety for their children.

Specifically, the screenshots empowers parents to monitor their children’s online activities, including their emails, Chat/IMs, Website visits, File Transfers and more to ensure that their Internet experience is positive, healthy and safe. Other product features allow parents to isolate their children from potentially harmful content and other inappropriate sources and to alert them when the child deviates from what is deemed acceptable as established by the parent.

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