Oct 7, 2009

Raise Your Hand if You Want

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As usual, I took myself to explore business opportunities available on the internet.

When reading the jargon “raise your hand if you want” on blogadvertisingstore.com there is a sense that is very familiar with the phrase.  Yes, its deja vu all over again!. Not long later I recalled an advertising service provider in the internet where I come and participate in it as a blogger.

Although the address is different but the overall page lay-out just totally the same with the old one. After some time exploring the site I realized it was only the same site, but the address changed. Perhaps the site manager has to evaluate their business performance well so decided to change its domain name to further enhance service to its customers, both advertisers and bloggers.

Nowadays the Internet plays a vital role in the purchase decision process for virtually all product and service categories, regardless of whether the purchase transaction happens on a website, over the telephone or in a store or other physical location.

Official company websites, for example, showed up among the top-four most influential factors in eight out of 10 product/service categories as a source of “further learning” in the decision process.

Even relative to TV and print advertising, the Internet shows great strength in influencing purchases. Asked which points most influenced their purchase decision, respondents cited websites collectively (official company sites plus third-party retailer and other sites) as more important than TV advertisements in seven out of 10 product/service categories. Web marketing programs collectively (web ads plus opt-in email programs) also outranked TV ads in three categories (Travel, Banking and Credit Cards, and Investments and Mortgages).

In fact, blog advertising is emerging in online marketing. The last several years of online ad spending have been a rollercoaster ride, with a boom, a bust and a new resurgent boom. For the first time, the advertising industry is now experiencing a significant transformation of pricing dynamics, given changes in the supply and demand of ad inventory. At least for premium inventory categories such as auto, tech and business, what once seemed destined always to be a buyer’s market is in fact turning into a seller’s market.