Sep 1, 2009

How To Know If You're Psychic Using Online Tests

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Many of us have had the experience of having the phone ring and we know who it is before we answer. We often know when a certain song will come on the radio. At times we feel like we've been in a certain situation or a certain place before, Deja Vu. It seems we've all had flashes of 'psychic ability', but is it that, coincidence or are we just making good guesses? How do you know if you're really psychic? There are several tests for psychic ability. Nearly all are available online.

One well known test is with the use of Zener cards. These are the five cards with the circle, plus sign, wavy lines, square and star shapes. When done online, you usually get immediate results The computer will choose a random card, and you determine which card the computer picked. Studies indicate that the average person will get them right about 25% of the time.

The color wheel is another type of test. You will choose the color that you think the computer will pick. This is very similar to the Zener cards, using colors.

Some tests will focus more on how well you can predict things, such as picking certain numbers or what images may be hidden. Others may ask questions based on your life and what types of things occur that may be psychic in nature.

There are online Remote Viewing tests, but a more accurate test would be offline. Remote viewing is the ability to see things in your mind that are actual persons, places or things. Ask a friend or colleague to place a picture, or photo of something in an envelope and seal it so that you cannot see it. They are not to tell you what it is. Relax yourself and your mind as much as you can and just concentrate on the envelope. Just let an image come to you. You are generally not supposed to write down a description, just jot down what comes to you such as shapes, colors and feelings or emotions. Then compare that to what is in the envelope.

It is generally believed that we all possess some degree of psychic ability. These tests are just a small indicator of that. If you get good enough results with these tests, it may encourage you to do further exploration into your own psychic abilities.

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