Aug 9, 2009

The Easy Ways To Know Your Past Life

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Real psychicreview noted that there are two easy ways to examine whether you have a past life or not.

Is reincarnation really real? Have I been here before…..without even knowing it? Basically - have I lived a past life, or is the whole idea silly? In this article they are going to examine the idea of reincarnation and past life research and see if YOU’VE actually had many more lives ( and many more bodies!) than the one you know today as “you”.

Okay…..but what are the signs that they have? It sounds so weird and far fetched!

Yes, they agree, it can sound a bit strange until you get your brain around it. But, remember, many of the most intelligent and intellectual cultures believe in reincarnation, including most Hindu and many Buddhist belief systems as well. (which represent a huge segment of the worlds population….and are FIRMLY rooted in the notion that our soul has many incarnations)

But, two sure fire signs that you’ve got something work looking into would be:

Very strong recurring sense of deja vu that is not a once in a while sort of occurrence. Usually, it will happen around people that are close to you now, but you felt like you’ve “known” forever once you met. (and couldn’t quite describe why) Of course standard deja vu experiences of “places, people and things” that you seem to know, but have never been exposed to before are also common.

You have “skills” you’ve never learned….or have come way to easily to be explained easily. This is a whole cool topic in of itself, and lots of prodigies, for example, have had “recollections” of having these skills in previous lives, and just picked up where they left off. Interestingly, many children who show these skills (including for math, art, music) often completely” forget” the past life as they get older, (but talked about if often as a child) but the special skills remain. Several famous books have been written about this - and it’s very tough to explain away, even for the skeptic.

Bottom line?

They believe we’ve all lived many lives…and serve many masters! The best thing you can do is speak to someone who can help you explore your own...and begin an amazing adventure into the unknown that will change you forever.