Jul 22, 2009

Deja on High

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It was only a few months ago that Shanexsan began smoking regularly. However, he have begun to experience some intense psychiatric awareness.

At certain times when he is high, he begin to start changing perspectives rapidly. He will go from mood to mood, where the atmosphere of the room and his perspective of his surroundings changes. This seems fairly normal to those who smoke, but there is a strange phenomenon that begins to happen that he cannot find a proper explanation for.

What starts to happen is, he begin to recognize these different perspectives and moods; they spark memories of times when he experienced those same perspectives. It is as if they have already happened.

At first, when he started really recognizing this, he thought he was being reminded of dreams that he previously had. However as it continued to happen it became for of a sense of Deja Vous. This seemed fitting because Deja Vous literally means "I have seen this all before." Now he had to try and figure out why all these moods, atmospheres, and perspectives were so relevant in his mind. He no longer felt like he had dreamed these things, but instead that they had happened before. He distinctly felt that he had definitely not dreamed these feelings before .

So, he began to try and figure out why? Where were these things coming from. As he walked through his house at night he had the feeling again, but now as if it had come from a different life than his own. It was extremely familiar, but felt like it had happened in a different home, by a different person, perhaps in a different time. This has happened many times ever since and it keeps getting more intense. Even things that are new to him are seeming familiar in a way.

He have a few ideas on what this could be and he ask for help uncovering this mystery to anyone who can relate or thinks they understand.

His first explanation is that he did in fact dream these feelings. This is possible since everyone dreams every time we sleep. The only problem is when he recognize new things like a new television show, or a new person.

Another is that he is tapping into thoughts of others. He is seeing other people's thoughts and feeling their feelings. Maybe they are nearby or maybe they are far.

Yet another is that he is uncovering what will come. Maybe these are feelings that he will have in the future and he is remembering them. This would mean that we all know our futures, we just need to be reminded of them, or perhaps we need to uncover them in our minds.

Next, this could in fact be memories from another life. A past or future life that he have or will live.

Finally, he come back to dreams. Maybe he is remembering dreams, but when he dream, he is living a parallel life to his own. This answer is the most interesting to him. Maybe when we dream, we actually are not physically in the same place anymore, but in another place all together.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read and he will try to write about other phenomena that occur when he is high. Please respond if you can relate or have any ideas as to what is occurring in his mind.