Mar 15, 2009

Understanding The Deja Morts Phenomenon

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Understanding the deja morts phenomenon is not easy. I share Adrianne thought about this:

let’s ask what can we gain by more consciously flipping the channel and connecting with other lifetimes of which we may be a part.


What first comes to mind when I ask you these questions: Who are you? How do you define yourself?

Do you think of your physical attributes? Or the roles you play in life? Or maybe your astrological sign, numerology numbers, or Myers Briggs personality type? These descriptions of you might easily come to mind but even all of these put together don’t feel very close to the whole picture.

Do you ever go deeper and ask questions like: Why was I born with this gender? Why do I love doing one thing but feel an innate aversion to doing something else? Why do I feel drawn to certain careers and totally uninterested in others? How did my specific personality develop? Why am I initially attracted to some people but totally turned off by others?

Sometimes an easy answer comes to mind and sometimes these questions can just hang in the air as a mystery - perhaps almost pointing to a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is you.

My life as a Clock Maker

About a year ago while listening to a guided meditation on revisiting a past life to reawaken a skill/ talent, I was led to an insight into my love in this lifetime for precise, detailed, artistic pursuits. I sensed the setting for this other lifetime to be several hundred years ago in England. I experienced myself as a balding and slightly overweight middle age man walking down cobblestone streets. Apparently, I was a clock maker, as I next experienced myself leaned over a dimly lit wooden work table using small delicate tools to piece together a beautifully intricate clock. I was entranced by the detail and precision of this task. While coming out of this meditation I made a connection between this lifetime and my experiences in architecture school. One of my favorite activities was building intricate models of my building designs. I could sit for hours using an x-acto knife to delicately place strips of bass wood in precise spacing and orientation
And here is the rest of it.

Have you every read the classic book Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss? He tells the story of a patient in his psychiatry practice who several times while under hypnosis re-experiences traumatic events from her past lives. To Dr. Weiss’s amazement, it turns out that re-experiencing her past in this way greatly assists her in healing the issues that she’d come to him to resolve.

I have tried a variation on this through guided meditations in which I allow a traumatic past life experience to re-emerge. I then allow myself to go back and visualize the negative outcome as happening more positively. For example, if someone points a gun at me, I might imagine a bouquet of flowers coming out of the barrel when the trigger is pulled. It does feel good to do this but (maybe because I’m not fully under hypnosis?) my mind also pipes in with ”this could all just be your imagination.“ (The mind always seems a little too suspicious of those parts of reality and experience it doesn’t have tidy explanations for).

Well, perhaps I am experiencing other lives or perhaps these are metaphors arising out of my subconscious. Either way, I don’t believe that I need to be overly concerned with how I define the images and experiences that come up because either way it’s valuable. I am integrating parts of myself - bringing to conscious awareness to more of the pieces of who I am. True healing occurs when I allow myself to fully accept what is shown to me about myself and then become empowered to make changes where necessary.

Is there cross-communication between lives?

My primary training as a psychic is in reading the Akashic Records. The idea of the Akashic Records is of a database which records everything (every event, thought, action, intention, choice, etc.) in time and space. Because this is not a physical place like a library or something the information exists energetically. To ”read” the Akashic Records is to allow the energetic information to filter through my frame of reference (or my ideas about how physical and spiritual reality operate). I use a frame of reference that makes logical sense and that I feel others can wrap their minds around too.

Included in my current frame of reference is the idea of past lives and when I am searching a client’s Record to find the root cause of difficulties many times an event from a past life will come up. When I first began doing readings, for a while I was skeptical that I was actually picking up past life information despite that this was the title I assigned to it. However, when I relate past life situations to my clients they fully identify with the negative thought or emotional pattern that I discover is presently occurring as a result. Often as well, they relate strongly to the past life experience too - it just seems to ”make sense” to them that this happened.

A few months ago, a past life arranged marriage situation involving a very controlling mother came up in one of my readings. When I told my client about this she replied that it sounded similar to her present life. It turned out that during her 20’s, although she was quite a free spirit and not very interested in marriage, she was pressured by her mother to tie the knot and ended up doing so. Her mother had expedited the process greatly by arranging all the details so it seemed to my client that the marriage just kind of happened to her one day. She was left in a bit of shock, asking herself “what have I done?!”

So, was my client recreating a similar situation to this other life in order to heal it? Or if all of our lifetimes exist simultaneously were these lifetimes just very strongly intertwined - co-created by different aspects of my client’s higher self? Or was I just describing a metaphor for her past experience in this lifetime? It’s interesting to ponder these levels of connection that may exist between our various aspects.

Distracted by other lifetimes

I’ve discovered that there are helpful ways and not so helpful ways to access other lifetimes. Often when I uncover something traumatic which happened to my client in another life, I also discover that they have what I call an open “portalway” to that other life in their subconscious mind. I use another television analogy to explain this situation.

Having a portalway open is like having a big screen TV on in every room of your house. You are trying to focus on what you are currently doing (in this case your present lifetime) but the TV is a real distraction and you keep looking up at it. Whatever is playing on it (your traumatic past life events) can influence and distract you to a certain extent. In this case a person can be too aware of what is happening in this other lifetime. Because what happened was so traumatic, they may be trying to re-learn the life lesson they already completed to be extra careful not to repeat the past. Bringing conscious awareness and healing to this can really help someone become more empowered in experiencing and enjoying this life.

Accessing other lifetimes

Do you feel more curious now about the other aspects of you - about your other possible lifetimes? Do you sense that something is not quite right in this lifetime but can’t quite put your finger on it? Exploring other lives can be very interesting and helpful. If you feel an inner pull toward this, I’d say that’s a sign that you’re meant to discover more.