Feb 25, 2009

Past Lives, Cosmic Adventures of the Being

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In search of past lives phenomenon I really enjoyed the Vladimir Stojakovic article:

I believe that the fear of death is a major factor in shaping the mind and experience of an average human being. A great spiritual teacher Osho said that every fear draws its roots from the fear of death. Renowned 20th century philosopher Emil Sioran, who was an atheist and openly disliked anything related to religion or mysticism, said exactly the same thing. Japanese Bushido, Way of the Warrior, teaches the same from a little bit different point of view: “One can never fully enjoy life until one fully accepts death”. Many of our actions are driven with the need to avoid or overcome death.

It may sound paradoxical, but our belief that we only have one lifetime prevents us from being here and now and enjoying life, by focusing our attention into the future point of time when we will cease to exist, and by creating a feeling that we are racing against time, in continuous rush to hurry up and achieve what we want to achieve, as the time is continuously running out, and there is nothing we can do to slow it down. And as we grow older, this feeling is intensifying, sometimes turning into a sort of “low tone” and ever present feeling of panic.

And the childish church stories about the eternal hell and how we have to “earn” our immortality do not really help, if one is willing enough to lock one’s own intelligence into the basement of consciousness, and to believe into these unintelligent attempts of imagination of carpenters, fishermen, and sheppards who lived thousands of years ago. Church stories were invented to feed and enforce the fear of deats in order to use it to manipulate and control people.

When one believes in these stories, apart from ignoring elementary logic and the basics of free thinking, one is completely ignoring the human evolution that happened since these stories were invented. It was difficult to believe in them back then, and it must require a ridiculous amount of effort to believe in them today.

However, to many people, the stories of reincarnation may sound as wild and as unfounded as the stories of the church do sound to me. I admit that in many cases the reincarnation stories may sound even more ridiculous. As with everything else in Spiritual Development, the point is not in believing but in personal experience. Believing will not bring you any benefits. In most cases, beliefs bring problems. It is worthless if you personally don’t experience it.

In the following article, I described Memento, a method invented by Z.M. Slavinski, with purpose of consciously remembering and integrating one’s past lives. This method enables one to gain the experience for oneself. I also described my experiences with past lives gained by Aspectics, a general purpose spiritual and problem solving method, invented by the same founder.

Aspectics and Past lives

Before I have begun using Aspectics on daily basis, past lives did not seem really important to me. I did not believe I would be able to recall them, irrespective of the effort invested and technology used. At least not until I make considerable progress in discharging the content of the ego generated in this lifetime. And in a way, Aspectics proved me correct.

Before Aspectics came into my life, I could not recall a single thing in my whole current lifetime that would indicate a memory of a past life. And to be completely honest, I am not sure that I even believed in past lives. I want to emphasize that prior to using Aspectics, I already gained decent experience in Spiritual Development, using methods like Gnostic Intensive and Excalibur, of the same founder.

But to my surprise, a few weeks after I’ve started my regular Aspectics practice, past lives begun emerging one after the other. The reasons for the sudden success were in the fact that Aspectics was able to remove a decent amount of the ego content in one process, and also in the fact that I did many processes every day. Aspectics quickly integrated relatively big components of my ego, and cleared the “room” for older contents to come up. With the same efficiency Aspectics dealt with past incarnations. I was able to recall and discharge a few past lives every day. Based on my preconceived ideas, limited experience etc, I expected two things to happen after the recall of my first past life memory:

From then on, I will experience and keep experiencing myself as an immortal being
From then on, all fears will vanish or will be reduced substantially

Experiences and Conclusions

It was naive to expect that these big and essential changes would happen after one past life is recalled and integrated. One past life is a relatively small piece of the ego. It causes changes in certain aspects of life, but for a “global” change to occur in one’s personal universe, more discharging is required, both of past lives and the ego as a whole.

However, past lives were coming up and I kept discharging them. At the same time, while processing past lives, I was also processing other aspects of the ego along the way, not related to past incarnation. I was not in control of the content that was coming up. The only thing I did and was able to do was to simply process away anything that came up.

I have made a number of conclusions based on my experience with past lives processing. Whether my experiences are applicable on other people mostly depends on what method they use to recall past lives, and it also depends on the particular personality of the practitioner.

Some of my conclusions:

In the beginning, the “less” significant past lives come up. As if there is a form of “in-built” control that will allow to contents of the ego to come up, only as much as one can confront at that particular moment.

I had reasons to believe that not all past lives had their remains in my ego. Some of them I will never be able to recall. For one or the other reason, they are already discharged and forgotten. It is not possible to recall every past life because it did not leave any charge in our ego, or it was somehow cleared sometime along the way and has no impact on us at all. Possible…? From my experience – yes, it is.

Not all the past lives I remember are my past lives. Some of the past lives seemed to belong to so called “attached spirits” (see the book Invisible Influences, by Z.M. Slavinski).

Most of the past lives have minor impacts on your personality/current life, and only a few have major impact. In my case, two of the past lives influenced my current life and personality immensely. Discharging them was a great relief, full of insights regarding my current life and behavior, from the early childhood days. It took considerably longer to discharge those two, comparing to the other past incarnations I recalled.

I concluded that karma does not function in such a calculated and precise way like it is presented in contemporary movies and many new age books. For instance, in my past life, I - a son, killed my father by knife. Now, in this life, I am the father to that person, he is my son, and he will kill me in exactly the same way, by knife. This is how karma is portrayed in some popular movies and books, but to me it does not seem to work that way. It is more based on “attraction”. The above father and the son will be attracted to each other in this life and their relationship will have the “taste” of the previous one, but it does not mean that anyone must be killed. When I say the “taste”, I mean they could be a husband and wife in this life, in not particularly “healthy” relationship, and because of the “attraction” from the past life, they are not able to break the relationship, or to change it. When one of the two recalls and discharges that past life, that one will be able to break out of the unhealthy relationship. And then something interesting happens. After a short struggle, the other person is also able to give up the relationship. As if for karma to works, both sides must be charged. If one discharges, the other looses their interest and attraction, too.

I have realized that my past lives were around all the time, I just didn’t recognize them. Or I did not allow them to emerge to the level of recognition. Only the feelings that wouldn’t be recognized as past lives were allowed to go through. What I could not explain or deal with was censored and filtered out. For example, one day I was playing alone in my street playground in Belgrade. I was 6. At one moment I looked up towards the sky. Strong feelings flooded me. I was looking towards the sky and a thought appeared in my mind - “That’s where I came from”. I felt homesick. The feeling was very realistic. It lasted very shortly because I have suppressed it almost immediately. Years after, using Aspectics I recalled a “between-lives” experience that happened long time before my current life. In that experience I was heading towards this planet, from the outer space. I was without a physical body, experiencing myself as a “circle of light”, a “space traveler”. I was out there in the space, “looking” towards the blue planet, “going” towards it. That was the time when I arrived on this planet, or one of the times. At exactly the same moment when I recalled this experience of heading towards Earth, I also recalled the long ago forgotten experience when I was 6 years old in this lifetime, looking towards the sky, nostalgic…

Essentially, past lives are the same kind of memory like events you remember in this life. It does not feel much different. You are the same “I” who remembers but identities are different. In this situation, where you have the same “I” but often a completely different identity that indicates very different type of character in the past life or the opposite gender, that’s when you get a valuable insight. You get to differentiate the “I” from identities, and you let go off identities to a degree. You don’t hold to them, as strong as before. The is probably the most important benefit of remembering and discharging the contents of the past lives.

It is much less painful to process past lives than to process problems in this life, because of the natural time/space distance and safety.

“Between-lives” periods are sometimes more interesting than past lives. Once, I was processing my wife, using Memento, a process that Z.M.Slavinski has created for the past lives recall. After we finished one past life, I was supposed to do the stabilization and finish the session. My wife already had around 5-6 Memento sessions, so she was experienced, in a way. This time, instead of finishing the session, I continued to process her to see what was going on in between-lives period. It was very interesting. She described events during which she was negotiating a new life with some “astral creatures”. They were explaining what kind of life they can offer, and she asked to see the “previews” of them. A preview was a whole future life that would flash within a few seconds. Negotiations were difficult. All of the few lives on offer were quiet dramatic. She was talked into accepting one of them, and as soon as that happened she was drawn towards a couple in intercourse. The content of the incoming life that she has seen during the negotiations was immediately forgotten. I kept the session going and we processed and cleared up that past live as well. It took between one and a half to two hours to complete the session, in which we discharged two past incarnations and the between-lives period.

· Every time just before I would remember a past life, I had to discharge rather unusual mind content. I used to call it “frozen emptiness”. Frozen emptiness used to precede literally every past life. It was more a complete experience, and less a feeling. It was a sort of catatonic experience, a sort of vacuum that would take me over completely, and would have not allowed anything to get in the mind or out of it. It consisted of neutral suppressed and condensed energy, without any emotional content. On the first sight one would say that “frozen emptiness” contained nothing, but that was not really the case. It contained condensed energy under pressure, and its purpose was to create some sort of tampon zone between the past life and myself. Real emptiness has no pressure. The sole purpose of “frozen emptiness” was to suppress a past life, so I could start a new one from the beginning, without any memories. It’s interesting that “frozen emptiness” never occurred in any other situations, when I was suppressing something else, except in the case of past lives.

· I remembered and discharged past existences on other planets, in bodies other than human, including planetary disasters, wars in space, travelling through the universe etc. And all the time, irrelevant of the body I was using, and the identity I was having, the same “I” of today was continuously present. In a way, this widened my consciousness and my vision. I was not any longer focused on this planet only. The playground just got bigger. And the time turned into eternity. It felt as I knew some cosmic secret. This secret was simple. The player can engage into the game as fully as possible. But even fully engaged, with a part of his mind the player now knows that this is just a game. A never ending one. And the purpose is not in winning or losing, in life or death, but in the experience of the game itself, in evolution, in the integration of the whole universe, back into the Being, where it belongs.

Major Benefits

A major benefit of remembering and clearing past lives is an insight or the ability to recognize the real “I” in the woods of ego contents. As you go through one or more past lives experiences, you notice that the same “I” of this life is present or was present in past lives as well. This is very much emphasized by very different identities, genders and personalities from past lives. Everything is so different, just the “I” is exactly the same. This contrast enables you to quite clearly get a glimpse of the Being.

The other major benefit is in discharging and integrating the charge of the past lives, effectively removing their influence from your current life and liberating the being.

It seems that sometimes people look for a sort of ego boost in their past lives, hoping to discover they were important people from the past. From the spiritual point of view, it is irrelevant what one was in one’s past lives. From the spiritual point of view, there are no past lives. The Being is here and now all the time. The being has no past and no future, just the presence.

From the spiritual point of view, the importance of past lives is equivalent to the amount of unconscious charge they stored in the ego. Once that charge is removed, the importance of past lives is removed as well, as they turn into flat and empty mental images, looking like forgotten dreams that happened long time ago.

Naturally, the more of the past lives you remove, the more benefits will occur. It seems to me that clearing the charge of past lives is related to the phenomenon called “crossing the abyss”. This phenomenon happens once you remove the content of ego enough to recognize yourself as a non material being. It’s a short moment in time when you stop existing as an entity in mater, energy, space and time, and start experiencing yourself as consciousness.

It seems that for “crossing the abyss” to happen, you need to remove all or almost all past incarnations “identities”, as it is in the nature of a past life identity to experience itself as a material being, and it stands on the way of experiencing yourself as pure consciousness.

I will write more about “crossing the abyss” in my future article titled “A Journey into Oneself”.

What is important to mentioned is the following. The two major benefits that I expected to happen once I recall and integrate the first past incarnation were to start experiencing myself as an immortal being and to get rid of fears. These benefits are not related to recalling the first past life incarnation, but they are related to the phenomenon called “crossing the abyss”.


With Aspectics you cannot directly process a past life. If you apply Aspectics regularly, sooner or later past lives will emerge, but to process a past life directly using Aspectics, you have to have something from the past life to start the process with, what you normally don’t have, because past lives are usually suppressed and forgotten. Memento, the Regressive Integration, is created to handle this problem.

A Memento session lasts 30-60 minutes – per past life. Electro-Meter is used during Memento processing, although it could be done without it. Due to its ability to read below the conscious level, and the fact that it enables the processor to differentiate between the real past lives content and products of imagination, Electro-Meter is a guide a time saver.

Memento is the most complete past lives recovery method that I know of. I ran it on my friends, family members and clients, to their great satisfaction. More experienced people were surprised with the degree of completeness with which Memento treated their past lives, starting from successful entering a past incarnation and ending with the full understanding and integration of it.

During entire Memento process, the client is fully aware and alert. The processor does not use hypnosis or suggestions, and the client is not in the state of trance, but in complete control of the session and himself/herself. Only conscious experiences have spiritual value, and the whole story about clearing technology and spiritual development could be viewed as bringing unconscious part of our being to consciousness and their efficient discharging.

After a very efficient way of entering a past incarnation, Memento leads you through its (past incarnation’s) most important events. By going through most important past life events and by discharging them, both the processor and the client get the clear picture and full understanding of the client’s particular incarnation. Focusing on important events only, saves a lot of time and allows clear and quick comprehension of the past life.

After running a few sessions, it become obvious how our lives are actually very simple. They just appear complicated when living them under the influence of charge stored in the reactive mind. But when you go through one whole life in around 30 mins or so, through its important events and problems, you realise how simple everything is when observed from a distance and without any charge, how easy is to find solution for every problem, and to come up with the right decision for every problematic situations. Actually, how easy it would be, if we had no charge and the ego in the current life.

During the process, Memento enables clients to recognise persons from the past incarnation as someone from their current life, if they are with them in this current life. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. Thankfully to this feature of Memento, karmic relationships are understood and properly resolved and discharged. This has a great impact on a person and their life experience. Many are attracted to Memento sessions mostly for the possibility of resolving difficult relationships with their close ones. Those relationships often turn to be karmic relationships.

Another interesting feature of Memento is its ability to differentiate whether we are dealing with the client’s past life or with the past life of a creature attached to the client. Attached spirits or entities have their own ego and they get restimulated in the time of our crises. Then, we experience their charge as our own charge, making the situation even more difficult. Memento releases the attached spirit, hence liberating two beings – the carrier – our client – and the attached spirit. Similar feature of Memento will indicate during the process whether our client is a newcomer, recently arrived to this planet, or the client had more than one incarnation on Earth.

Recovering abilities lost in past lives is another benefit of Memento. Here is what Z.M Slavinski writes in his materials for Memento Processors: “Another valid reason for purging past lives is that this way we remove the blockades that prevent the manifestation of an ability or talent in this life. This is a rehabilitation of the abilities a Client used to have. He can block former abilities or talents for several reasons. The most obvious one, the first to be investigated, is that he used to be punished for using his abilities. For example, burned at a stake in the Dark Ages for freely manifesting his beliefs. Now, in this life, he has a strong tendency to suppress any free manifestation of his opinions or convictions.
Another, very frequent reason for losing abilities or talents is that the person had misused an ability he or she had possessed and is, therefore, inhibiting it now. For example, in the past life a person was a dominating person who imposed his will over others. In one of the past lives it had prevented his child from entering marriage with a loved person and that child committed suicide. In order to avoid repeating such experience the Client now behaves as a person of exceptionally weak will and subordinates himself to others.”

However, the peak of the process and its major benefit is discovering the decisions that the client has made at the end of the past life, or just a few moments after the death. These decisions are made often considering the whole incarnation, and they are often negative. They do affect us here and now. Sometimes, the client suffers violent death in the past incarnation, and that too affects the decision making process that comes afterwards. The importance of decisions made at the moments of death in past incarnations and there influence on ourselves today is huge, especially when we know that decisions create our psychology and our reality, not traumas as some still believe.

In 1999, probably the most experienced Memento Processor Bojana Mihajlovic published her excellent book on this method titled Memento, Past Lives. In the book Bojana emphasises that Memento although being past lives regression technique is actually concerned with clearing and easing our current life and our present time.

The complete Memento step-by-step procedure is fully described in the book Invisible Influences, by Z.M. Slavinski.

Zivorad M Slavinski, the creator of Aspectics and Memento.
Aspectics, a general purpose spiritual and problem solving method created by Z.M. Slavinski.
Memento, a method for past lives integration and recall created by Z.M. Slavinski
Bojana Mihajlovic, author of the book Memento, Past Lives, 1999
Invisible Influences, a book by Z.M. Slavinski, 2008