Feb 7, 2009

I saw you in my dreams

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To me there is some type of subbliminal mind that people can not keep in touch with. It seems that at night when your dreaming you have the ability to forsee the future and also the ability to think clearly and logically. There's never been a time in my life that I was in a dream and found myself out of control. And every so often I find myself saying," Hey, dejavu. I had a dream about this."

It comes to me in my most trying times in life when I can say dejavu. And it gives me a since of security. I had an acquaintance of mine attempt suicide in front of me. Now at the time I said to myself this crazy heifer doesn't have anything to do with me.

Months earlier I had a dream that I was sitting in a meeting room with her, Deedee, Dalisa, and I. And in the dream we were having a serious convo. I can't get into details, but I remember there being no humor what so ever and I said out loud in the discussion I'm your angel. I woke up in the hospital for them to tell me my daughter Shyla had past away. I was devastated and I questioned God if this was his will. (It had to be) Anyway months went by and it wasn't until I met Tanisha the girl who attempted suicide. I rented a room from her and we were growing a trusting friendship. The next day after her attempt I visited her in the mental ward at the hospital only to find myself in a room exactly like my meeting room in the dream sitting at a table having a serious convo with the said mentioned girls above.

I said, "dejavu I've been here before." And that's when Tanisha said it which was the only flaw of my memory, "You’re my angel, you saved my life, and now your here taking care of my children, while I'm going through this trying time.

And for years even though I had lost Shyla, I gained Sade and Tyannah. And have been like a mother to them up until this day.

My fallen child, that I cherish with all my heart; Rest in Peace.

Isn't the human mind amazing?