Feb 13, 2009

Deja Vu Of A Different Kind

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I'm your average teenage 16 years old boy turning 17 soon. I've been experiencing several Deja Vu over my life. They usually happen ranging from once or twice a week to ten or over and have been getting more and more frequent. From what I understand, Deja Vu is a feeling that you've seen something or someplace before even though you've only seen it for the very first time.

Just to make things clear, I'm an online writer so yes, I have a wild imagination. And I do actually suffer from a small degree of split personality disorder. I am also born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pieces, two star signs with many contradicting traits. I also always had this thing about being able to 'feel' if a place is bad. It's not one of those tingling spine kind of thing but more along the line of a deep gut feeling which usually comes true. And last but not least, I'm a Scout, meaning I've trekked into many forested area in Singapore which are said to be hiding the dead of WWII.

Now, five years ago when my Deja Vu experience have started to make themselves more noticeable, I merely put the thing off as a mental paranoia thing. Until more recent events which have prompted me to dig deeper into the phenomenon of Deja Vu. Personally, I do NOT think I'm psychic as I have never seen much of the future or experienced many paranormal activities and many of the tests I've done in real life and on this and other sites have listed my ESP abilities as below mediocre.

Two major event in the past two years have caught my attention that this Deja Vu of mine is not the average ones. One of them involves a game called 'Tarzan' where the objective was to swing from a point to another on a rope attached to the ceiling. That is also the day when my friends became openly aware of my Deja Vu experiences.

What happened was this: I was sitting by the wall of an indoor 'hut' with one of my friend (we shall call him L), watching my juniors play a game of 'Tarzan'. Suddenly, I went 'Woah! Deja Vu' which have become sort of a catch phrase for whenever I have a feeling of it.

At first, L did not pay much head to it and just laughed it off until I said, "The next guy's going to fall." And it happened!

One of my juniors whose name I have long forgotten fell off the rope and L took immediate noticed and asked me if I know who was going to fall next and after searching my memory (which felt really weird) I said, "I think M (another one of my friend who was playing with the juniors) is going to SLIP and fall."

Now, the weirdest part comes here. M was nowhere to be seen and the two of us, me and L had no idea where he was. Turns out he was sandwiched between a group of my juniors and he just walked out and offered to demonstrate how to swing. And he slipped, and fell.

Two things from this experience told me that this was no ordinary Deja Vu but was still somewhat like one. One, it was that distinct feeling of having seen the scene before. Two, I predicted the future.

The feeling of it was strange. It was like watching a memory reel being replayed in a quick frame-by-frame mental image which last only about a second. And when I dig through my short term memory, the image was so clear and true like none of the other Deja Vu's I've ever felt before. If nobody believes me on this event, besides L, I have two other friends who overheard my 'prediction'.

From then on, I have had many of these (as I call is) Premonition Deja Vu at random time. Most of these new ones last only for a split second where the thing in the so-called memory reel happens immediately after my Deja Vu feeling. I've never told anyone that I actually saw these things coming as these event happens only a split second later, less than a quarter and it would most likely be thought as naught. Though sometimes, these scenes I see happens weeks later which again, I cannot comfirm this with any of my friends. I'm now quite certain that the scene on-the-spot triggers these Deja Vus even though the event might not happen immediately.

(e.g It's like taking a picture of an empty road. Example, the empty road triggers a reel of a car crash. But the crash could happen weeks or even years later. It's the empty road that triggers the scene.)

But more recently, when I went to my friend's house for the very first time, I saw this pathway that when you walked, you will past by the doors of many concrete terrace-like houses which towers at the side. The pathway leads up a stairs, past more houses then up a winding stairs to the condominium behind. This is a real place mind you and the entire terrace housed areas are designed like this so there are multiple of these pathways. But for some reason, only this specific one gave my that distinct Premonition Deja Vu feel.

In actual fact, I'm not even sure if this Deja Vu is similar to the one that happened during the Tarzan game. But I'm now very afraid that it might actually come true. And I really do hope it doesn't.

In my memory reel, I saw a giant shadow which actually covers the entire scene of the pathway up to the condominium like some looming figure. And after some walking back and forth at the place, I found out this same effect can be achieve by someone standing in front of the ground lamp at the entrance to the pathway.

When I walked into the pathway, the wall beside me triggered another reel. The wall, unlike normal white concrete walls have decorative holes drilled into them though they do not go all the way through. The holes are about the size of a large fist just incase you're wondering. And in the reel, this same wall was splashed with red liquid. And by splash, I mean splattered like the patterns when someone have been slashed. And I saw the red stuff flying and splattering itself on the wall. I said red liquid/stuff because I cannot confirm it is actually blood which I really hope it's not and it is just the wall being repainted.

This is as totally true a story as it can be and it's not something I've been experiencing my whole life like most psychics has. It only started recently, it doesn't happen often and that last reel is currently scaring me.

If anyone have any experiences on this kind of Deja Vu , tell me what you know about it please. And if anyone knows anyway of triggering more reels so I can understand the above mentioned event better, tell me too. I just want to put a final note and that is I am 100% sure (chop, stamp, seal) that these are Deja Vu and not Premonitions. It's just one of those distinct feel about Deja Vu that gives it away.