Dec 4, 2008

There's a reason I call it my not-so-ordinary life

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Mmm hmm. Sometimes I think I must be the only woman on the planet that has such..not-so-ordinary things happen to them..repeatedly. Seriously. Putting aside my suddenly single experience, and now my soon-to-be-suddenly-unemployed experience, many times, ever so slightly unexpected things just seem to happen where I am involved.

Last week, the other Tracey and I went thrifting for pieces for the expanded booth spaces at Junkees. Cruising past lots of stuff in the furniture area of the GW (That's what the regular shoppers at the Goodwill call it, you know...) we came upon a perfect large bookcase to hold merchandise and it was marked at a great price. It was painted black, which was even better, as that was what color we would have painted this treasure anyway.

We bought it and schlepped it home in the back of the other Tracey's truck, along with several other incredible finds.

Upon unloading this gem, I suddenly felt a moment of deja vu . What was it? What the..?! The bookcase we were unloading suddenly felt very familiar. The Ethan Allen stamp on the back. The small drip of black paint on the left hand side.... Upon closer inspection it was confirmed. I asked the other Tracey to look in the cupboard area of the bottom of the bookcase. If it was not painted inside, it was surely The old bookcase from the house I lived in before my cottage. Sure enough, no paint inside!

The bookcase in question was the exact one from my last house. I had left it in the giant pool table room. Obviously my ex-husband recently donated it at a drop of location near his house at the south end of Reno, and it somehow ended up at the GW thrift store in Sparks at the exact time for the other Tracey and I to stumble upon it and buy it. (As for why I didn't recognize it sooner, I have no idea.)

It's a small world, you know.

I guess that's an example of "What goes around, comes around", huh?