Dec 20, 2008

Stuck in a loop in time

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How many times have you experienced deja vous? Did you know deja vous is your recollection of memories?

It might be possible that there is another planet similar to Earth, though the names of similar planets to Earth might have different names. Earth and a similar world might exist on timelines different to one another, and we might exist as separate individuals on each Earth. In other words there may be more than one of you.

It would be possible to have at least two identitcal worlds millions of light-years away from each other that are undetectable from each other, in separate solar sytems that will never be able to contact each other. It is easier to understand when you consider what dreams actually are. Many people believe that dreaming is when your soul leaves your body and 're-awakes' in your other self on an identical planet to Earth.

Some believe that we live our lives over and over, though not fully aware of our return to Earth,yet some people experience de-ja vous, a feeling that you have experienced,seen or heard something that you are sure you have experienced before. It is not just imagination, it is your soul recognizing your experiences from identitcal lifetimes- the same repetitive experiences that we go through life after life.

If you accept that at least two identical worlds exist, it may be possible for one world to be on a timeline which is exactly one year behind Earth, and it may be possible that we travel in our dreams to the other world which is one year behind Earth. This article is being written on the 3rd of December 2008.

If your soul were to travel to the other planet identical to Earth and wake in your body which exists as you do on Earth but on 3rd December 2007, your brain, which store memories will only know that timeline of 2007, because 2008 hasn't arrived yet and thus your other body's brain won't have any memories of 2008.You would be totally unaware that you have woken up a year behind Earth's timeline of 2008.

Let's say for the sake of argument that the human race is an experiment. Knowing that we give life to each other by birth, we could conclude that scientific breakthroughs have created at least two worlds or more that are identical to Earth. On each world are replica beings to ourselves, with the same lives, the same friends and family. If scientists have created our existance at some point, they would have logged our history possibly millions of years ago, a history which naturally occured without scientific intervention, when humans prospered and succeeded in terraforming another Earth. That existance is now that which we live in on Earth.

Millions of years ago scientists may have concluded that the human race was set to destroy itself and become extinct, and so by manipulating lives and events over millions of years, they have perfected our lifecycle, so that the same people on Earth are reborn, and live the life on the earth that we exist on today, without a chance of anybody or any army destroying our lives, families and achievements.

Alternatively there could be no scientific intervention at all though, making the whole idea of two worlds impossible to explain.

It may be easier to summize that we live the same lives over and over on our only one Earth, and that our existance is due to people giving birth to people. When we experience deja vous for example, we are recognizng this world as the only one we remember from other lives before, although many people do not accept de ja vous as memories- they simply believe it is their minds playing tricks. It is not the brain that remembers, but the soul 'talks' to the brain, letting the brain know that an important moment has been re-experienced.

It is too difficult to prove that we are stuck in a loop in time, but we do recognize de ja vous as a repetiton of an experience, a recollection of being there before. That does not confuse me whatsoever, because I know that we have been on this Earth many millions of times before. We live and then we die, and then we are reborn again. Don't be fooled by the concept of death, because it is a necessary transition which allows you to be reborn again. People should be comforted to know that Earth cannot be destroyed, and never will. This is our home, our ball in space that continues to sustain us and we do regenerate, life after life.

It may be possible for any one individual to alter and change their own life, to either become more positive and successful or become negative and destructive. Perhaps we learn from experiences more and more each life that we come back, recognizing to avoid the negative and strive to be more positive and successful.

If you understand this, you are 'in tune' with your soul, and you may realize that de ja vous (recollection of memories) teaches you, allow you to remember and improve your life, avoid situations, and become a person better than you were in other lives.

I cannot say if you can reach out to others to change their lives, but you can take control of your own life. Perhaps as individuals we teach ourselves more and more about our own lives as we experience every new Earth life, and change ourselves individually to achieve or become better and more positive people. Perhaps we can see when friends or family are going wrong in their lives, and you might have an inclination to advise or help them change themselves, so that they can teach themselves and others later on.

De ja vous is not just a brief moment in time, life is a repetitive circle in time, and if you already know that, then goodluck and all the best. If this makes no sense to you at all, you may find that you understand it in the future, which , by the way is your past and will be your present.

In the two-world theory, this article might already exist on another system, and you may have read this all before...