Oct 30, 2008

I Can Create Deja-vu Memories Before I Live Them Out

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I have a problem with these theories. I like a lot of them from the science end. However, my problem is this. I can create deja-vu memories before I live them out. meaning I will have a dream I can clearly remember, even reoccurring ones. Then they happen and I remember the dream still.

That is how it started. Also I know and express facts about my soundings that I wouldn't be able to know or guess. I have developed this somewhat into being able to focus into a thought and It happens Just as it had played out in my mind when I went into this hard concentrated focus. The downside was that I could not focus on one particular event I wanted. It was random flashes of what would happen. And It did.

There was one that didn't yet. I'm waiting for it. Most would be within 3 months at the longest. The one that didn't happen yet was years ago. So who knows. It is hard to explain the way it works. It is almost like meditation I guess. I focus in and it has a transcendental feel to it. Like were all one and infinite, If that makes sense. This probably sounds like mumbo-jumbo crap but its hard to explain any other way for me.

I feel worn out mentally when I do it and I get the chills and my hairs all stand up on my body. The little ones on arms legs and back of neck and such. And its fast. Just flashes of images and ideas all sort of at once. There is another side of this I don't like talking about at all.

I am NOT religious in any way. I was recently informed by a wiccan that this is something they do...? Here it is... I get a feeling of worry about something happening to someone and I have to do the focus thing like in the forced deja-vu. Except this time I need to fully believe that the bad thing wont happen to them. I say it in my head and make sure there is not one negative feeling or thought involved.

I see a white energy (ball)? from my center and when I expel the bad and say it won't happen the light or energy or whatever shoots out and it ends right there and I "wake up" drained mentally. The tough part is that I have to clear my mind of the topic completely right afterwards. Not one bit of it can remain. Good or bad. Just an overall sense of good but not thinking about it at all.

I have proof of me doing these things. Not the last part because there is no way of proving I stopped something from happening lol. But I can focus on seeing a person somewhere or a place before I arrive and they are there or the place is exactly how I see it. I think everyone can do this stuff. I don't think I am special or have any extra senses or crap like that. I have a feeling its linked to the same deja-vu everyone else has and they can develop it also.

I am a logical thinker without any belief in mystical fake garbage or nonsense.

I picked out lottery numbers a few times. 2 times or so was while watching on tv. I picked the numbers and one by one there they were. I once knew the number on a ticket while driving by a store and had to go in to place it and won. I KNEW the numbers were right. It wasn't a hunch. I just felt it was right and that I already knew it. Like I was looking at it or someone was saying it as if the lotto was over already and the result was right there in my head. The problem with that is most of the time I would get excited and then being as analytical as I am, I would over think it and find it hard to know what is the right set of numbers and what is thought about and processed. I got worse at this as time went on because I over think it now.

How is any of this explained? I have loads of examples of me doing these things and some proof from other people about some of them too. I wish there was some sort of study done on this with a bunch of people and see if they can learn to do the same stuff.

I had my first one when I was about 5-7 years old. I was in a house my parents were looking at to rent. I knew where everything was and details about it. I was really weirded out but excited and I told them I was there before and showed them where stuff was in this house that I was never actually in before. My parents told me to shut up and it was rude to go around or act the way I was or something. I think it embarrassed them or something. Hard to remember, but I remember what happened and the feeling had.

I dnt know what deja vu r. Since i was kid, like 4 5 years old, it happened to me and, unfortunately now everything I do is a deja vu. With deja vus I m also having premonition dreams. The only thing I can say is that Im tired of all of this and that I would like to stop thinking and rest a bit
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